The Waffle House

The property

Set in a Georgian, Grade 2 listed building; The Waffle House is the ideal area for almost every event.

We are well known for our hospitable, feel at home atmosphere and welcome families or more intimate diners at any time of the day. We also offer extra seating in our upstairs eatery for busier periods, or for an extraordinary booking, and with seating limit for forty individuals, this makes a perfect setting for extensive gatherings.

The Waffle House was built up in 1978 and from that point forward we have kept on giving our clients wholesome, unfenced and natural produce that they continue returning for. What makes The Waffle House so exceptional is our individual way to deal with the nourishment and feasting out.

We pride ourselves on our capacity to treat every request separately. Utilizing new and local products, our light and crispy waffles offer the ideal base for one of a choice of fixings, either flavorful or sweet. Why not check our specials board which changes day by day?

Obviously, it is not only the waffles we offer. We also give a choice of the best natural lagers and ethically sourced wines, also our well known fresh fruit milkshakes, all complimented by our broad scope of reasonable exchange espresso.

Since all of our waffles are newly made to arrange, in the event that you wish to try different things with the menu, then why not simply ask one from our waiting up staff? If it is not possible we will tell you, but nine times out of ten, additions to your meal will be no problem.

Our food
We believe that sustenance ought to be new, wholesome and nourishing, and in addition flavorful. Extraordinary consideration is taken in the arrangement of our dishes and this incorporates the utilization of wholefoods and amazing fixings in our recipes.

We stay away from any nourishment containing preservatives and colourings. Both the entire wheat and white flour used in the waffles are organically grown and stoneground. We use top notch vegetable oils and virgin olive oil.

For a long time we have utilized naturally cultivated meats, fresh free-range eggs and chickens, and hams from normally raised pigs. We additionally attempt to utilize naturally developed vegetables and plate of mixed greens produce when accessible to make our nourishment simply that tad bit more special.

Vegetarian Food
Approach accentuation is put on vegan sustenance in our menu. Vegan dishes are precisely kept separate from meat dish arrangements. We utilize veggie lover rennet cheddar. There is no less than one every day vegan unique notwithstanding those on the menu.

Hours of work
Monday – Saturday 10:00 am to 10:00 pm
Sunday 10:00 am to 9:00 pm

(Mon to Sat last order for mains 9:30)


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